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Whether you’re refining your existing process or defining your processes for the first time, this course is for you!

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  • A Design Process Video Guide + Plan Your Process Worksheet
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  • A Script Starter Pack (My 3 Most Frequently Used Email Scripts for Project Management)

"I honestly can't believe Plan Your Process was free! I thought I had a good process down before taking this course, but my mind is spinning with different things I can improve. Everything from my onboarding and wrap-up process to installing plugins to organizing my own content just got so much easier. Thanks for the amazing course, Katie!" - Krista Rae

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Katie Price
Katie Price

I’m Katie Price, editor in chief of Designer Guidebook and owner of Priceless Design. I’m a web designer and online course developer with a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. I like to think that I do things slightly differently than the average entrepreneur. I believe in kindness and sincerity in all areas of life, even business. (Read More)

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You'll have immediate access to Lesson 1! Then, over the next few days the remaining lessons will be made available to you. This will give you time to implement each lesson as it's delivered. Don't worry - I'll email you to let you know when each lesson is released!

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